Gastric disorder

Delayed transit of solid wastes through colon, resulting in irregular, infrequent, or difficult bowel movements; the longer faeces stay in the colon, the more water is absorbed from them, the harder they become, and the more straining is required to pass them; the risk of faucal toxins passing into the bloodstream and adversely affecting the metabolism of the rest of the body is also increased Though conditions such as cancer of the colon or rectum Irritable bowel syndrome, Deverticular disease, Anal fissure, and piles may contribute to difficult or painful movements, the root cause of constipation is usually dietary - not enough fibre, not enough fluids, a lack of Vitamin B1, B5, B6, potassium, magnesium and zinc, too much animal protein (meat, eggs), too many dairy products, too much Vitamin D, too much aluminum, and too much vinegar, pepper, salt, and spices.

If diet is not at fault, cause may be eating meals too fast, not taking enough exercise, tension, Anxiety, Depression, delaying or not regularly obeying the urge to open the bowels, taking antibiotics or abusing laxatives (both of which upset balance of micro-organisms in gut), abuse of certain over-the-counter drugs, especially cough mixtures, hypothyroidism, liver malfunction leading to inadequate bile production, impairment of nerves supplying colon due to spinal abnormality or injury. . .

The list of disorders for which constipation is blamed, or in which constipation is thought to play a part, is even longer, ranging from vague symptoms such as 'liverishness' and sluggishness to heart disease and Cancer. The roll call includes Headache, Insomnia, , various skin complaints, eye problems, dental problems, Epilepsy, Stroke, Arteriosclerosis, premature ageing, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Gallstone, liver trouble, Ulerative colitis, Piles.

In homeopathy, constipation is regarded as a constitutional problem, and is therefore treated constitutionally; bowel nosodes may be given The remedies given in Self Help section are for use on an occasional basis only, for example when travel or holidays disrupt normal diet and exercise habits



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