About Homeopathic

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on nature's simple principle of 'what can cause can cure' - SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR.  All great discoveries in almost all sciences have been made by simply observing and mimicking nature.  Homeopathy is one such science.

Homeopathy believes that each person reacts differently to the same stimulus - this is called 'individualization', and it is a unique feature of homeopathy.  For example, it is a common experience that while cutting onions the eyes start burning, the nose starts to run and sometimes a person will sneeze.  Red chilly powder can have a similar effect - burning, watering eyes, irritated and runny nose, sneezing.
However, the effects of the two differ significantly: while onion causes a bland nasal discharge with a burning eye discharge, red chilly there is burning in the eyes and nose but both the discharges are bland.  In both the instances the phenomenon is like the common cold but the nature of the discharges varies.  So two people with the same common cold need two different drugs based on their specific manifestation.  Both onion-Alium cepa and red chilly are homeopathic drugs.   There are a number of other substances that give rise to symptoms like the common cold, each with subtle variations, and all of them are useful in the treatment of various "types" of cold.

People undergoing homeopathic treatment for the first time can be baffled and sometimes irritated with the innumerable questions posed by the physician.  However, all these questions help the physician to identify the individualized way in which the patient is manifesting a particular ailment, and then prescribe accordingly.   Going back to the example of cold some people while suffering from it tend to lose their temper and feel very irritated, which is a mental component of the physical ailment.  The appetite may be increased, decreased or changed - there may be a craving for a particular food or the patient may feel revulsion for food that they normally like.  All of this information is useful to the homeopathic physician in order to determine which among the possible courses of treatment is best suited to that particular individual.


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